February 2014

Happy Birthday Thatcher! It is hard to believe that our sweet boy is already 2! Where does time go? He is getting so big and learning new things everyday. We love the sweet spirit he brings to our home. 

Thatcher got his very own fishy for his birthday- a red beta fish named Elmo 

Birthday morning- he went right past the presents to the balloons! 

We had an Elmo Birthday party during Superbowl halftime at Great Grandma Beals house
For our "Birthday Outing" we went to the new Aquarium in Boise. We fed the rays and baby sharks

Thatcher holding the Pansy he and Grammy picked out.

Our DIY Headboard project- a great way to stay warm inside :) I saw a headboard in the IKEA catalog that I loved and thought it would be perfect for our room. So I drew up some plans, let Home Depot do the big cuts and put it together. 

Thatcher wanted to help paint- so he got a bowl of water, his own brush and the scrap plywood. He was a happy camper to be "helping"

Tah-dah! It is perfect and now no more random beside tables. The little shelves are just right and out of sight!

The end of the month we headed to Eastern Idaho to stay in Victor and enjoy some time in the snow! 

We loaded up the car and drove over the snowy pass to Jackson, WY we took a sleigh ride on the Elk Refuge there to see the massive herd that had gathered for the winter. The little boys loved watching the elk and horses.


Happy New Year! Here are a few of our favorite pics from the month. Enjoy! 

Thatcher helping Mommy make dinner

Thatcher and Uncle Justin watching videos. Thatcher loves that "Uncle Just" has been staying with us. 

Stampede Basketball! Thatcher LOVED watching the game! He was pretty attentive the whole time! 

One of our favorite Nurseries had a "pop up park" in their greenhouse. It was nice to go play in the grass and it was pretty warm in there. 

Bronco Basketball! This kid loves basketball games! He held his own sign the whole time. 

Checking out the fish at Papa's office... with his cookie monster slippers... 


Happy December! My how the year flew right by! Here is a quick photo recap of our month. Enjoy! 
Thatcher was a trooper helping me finish Christmas shopping. He "earned" a stick balloon and crashed in the backseat while we were out an about. Poor kid! 

Thatcher is really getting into Elmo. When I need to steal a few kid helper free moments he loves to snuggle up in our bed and watch Elmo on the ipad. I was reorganizing our closet so there was a huge mess! 

Thatcher did great with the Christmas tree. Just a few reminders to be gentle and look only. We started reading books under the tree each night before bed- he loved it!

Jack and Thatcher are turning into good friends.  They decided to snuggle up with some blankets and watch about twenty seconds of a Christmas show before hoping down and being crazy! 

Waiting for daddy to come home has become part of the routine. Daddy is able to run home and grab some dinner before heading back to work. Thatcher loves watching through the kitty door waiting for daddy. 

We decided the Saturday before Christmas we should probably try and do a Santa photo for Thatcher. We talked about it and ended up at the Village in Meridian. The line wasn't too bad, but Santa had a reindeer emergency and we ended up waiting in line for a few hours before he was able to come back. Thatcher was a trooper and eventually we met an awesome Santa, even though Thatcher decided he wasn't as excited about it anymore. 

Not sure when he became such a big kid, he loves to copy whatever we are doing. Today- reading the newspaper. 

Santa at Walmart. Thatcher was just in it for the candy cane :) 

Again with being a big kid... he realized with a little boost he could reach the light switch. He was pretty proud of himself, and the lights have been a little less dependable. 

Opening gifts with Grammy and Papa, Great Grandparents Beal and Skyping with Lara, Mike, and Carter. Thatcher was a big helper making sure everyone else was getting their gifts opened. 

This is a very common sight at our house these days. Lines and lines of "twucks and tars" He is very particular about what ones line up together and which direction they face. 
Mommy's Christmas gift! Saved up some Christmas money, shopped around and ended up at Sears for a 10 inch chop saw :) The guy at the check out was a bit surprised when I pulled Thatcher out of the stroller to put the saw in to get it to the car. His words "I didn't know chicks could use stuff like that". Oh if only he knew what this Chick had plans for...

We rounded out our holiday festivities with a trip to Pocatello to see Grandpa and Grandma Fuller and Adam, Robin, and Malachi while they were visiting from New York. Thatcher loved playing with "the baby" and being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. (The picture is fuzzy but that is a piece from a board game and it says "hazard" Thatcher thought it was hilarious that it stuck to his forehead)